Skywatch Materials

Some of the materials we work with, but not limited to are, high density urethane, plexiglass, aluminum, duraply, foam board, gatorfoam, ultraboard, lexan, polyethylene, sintra just to name a few. As well as redwood, cedar, and mahogany. Most of these woods are available in 3/4″ and 1-½” thickness.

High Density Urethane, or (HDU) as it commonly referred to comes 3/4″ thick, 1″ thick, 1-½” thick and 2″ thick in either 15lb and 18lb densities. It has gained popularity because it is readily available in plentiful supply whereas redwood is becoming more difficult to attain and more expensive if and when you can find it. High Density Urethane has proven to be superior in both outdoor durability and indoor applications. (HDU) typically last longer than most signs yet costs about the same as wood or in some cases, less. The ability to not only sandblast, but also carve and rout, (HDU) easily allows us to create signs that were previously unaffordable to our clients – yet creates an image for them that far exceeds that of non-dimensional signs. We also work with cedar, and mahogany for the rich rustic look and warmth it provides.

We can also incorporate the use of PVC and Acrylic plastics in varying thicknesses. Another material we are capable of processing is ColorCore, a two color fused laminate material that is comes in assorted thicknesses and 10 different color combinations. It requires no painting and can be routed to look like a carved sign. We can even cut DiBond aluminum, brass, and some stainless steel. If you have a specific question about what material is suitable for your project, please contact us and let us help advise you.