About Skywatch

Welcome to Skywatch Signs. With forty two years of full time design and production, it should be obvious, we are obsessed with signs! It’s our passion. Beginning in the famed Hamptons of Long Island, in the small village of Montauk Point, New York, I began my career as an actual sign painter and artist. Long before the advent of computerized sign cutters. Talent and skill were an essential requirement of that era.

Unfortunately, today anyone with a computer and the money to buy a vinyl cutter can enter the field and make visually appalling stickers, this does NOT a sign make! And it shows. Look around your town and you will see our landscapes being plagued with visual pollution. It’s a sad reality of technology gone bad. There’s  no reason a sign can’t look professional if you have even the basic knowledge and skill sets, and very few sign companies possess that. We take pride in every original sign that we design and make. It shows in every portfolio piece you see in our gallery. In fact, I will never take on a project that does not meet our extremely high standards, not for any amount of money. Not only do we care about your companies reputation, but we care about ours.

One of the things Skywatch Signs is praised for is our professionalism, our service, and our very serious commitment to meeting our deadlines. If we feel that we can’t complete your project on time, then we will turn the job down. Honesty and integrity are the essential core values that make our company a great one to work with. We understand that you are not just a job, but an ongoing relationship. We look forward to building that relationship with you!